Pure Dark Maine Maple Syrup

Over the past 20 years, we have perfected the way to produce a pure maple syrup that has a robust maple flavor and a beautiful, extra dark amber color. Our hardwood-stoked, flat-bottomed, stainless steel evaporator pans boil the faintly sweet sap for hours, creating Maine Sugarworks pure maple syrup.  Maine Sugarworks maple syrup is 100% natural and a true taste of the mountains of western Maine.

How do we make our robust extra dark maple syrup?      A large part of the final flavor of maple syrup is formed through the caramelization of sugars  when boiling. The longer the sap stays in the pan boiling, the darker and stronger the flavor becomes. Our flat pans allow the syrup to mature and intensify slowly, the old fashioned way. Maine Sugarworks has a dedicated following of repeat customers who appreciate the stronger maple flavor produced in our saphouse.