Maine Maple Syrup...almost ready for the 2018 holiday sales season. Opening Nov. 18th!

What makes Maine Sugarworks maple syrup gifts unique?Over the past 20 years, we have perfected the way to produce a maple syrup that has a robust maple flavor and a beautiful, extra dark amber color. Our hardwood-stoked, custom-built, flat stainless steel evaporator pans boil the faintly sweet sap for hours, creating Maine Sugarworks pure maple syrup.  It is 100% natural and a true taste of the mountains of western Maine.

Each bottle of pure maple syrup has a hand dipped, waxed top and a classy linen finished tag.  

Welcome to the Mitman family maple farm located in the mountains of western Maine.

Maple syrup production begins each spring, when we snowshoe  into the sugarbush to tap our maple trees. The faintly sweet sap flows through the pipeline to our sap house where it is boiled for hours in our wood-fired evaporator. The sweet, maple steam fills the sap house as we make our deliciously robust, dark amber, pure maple syrup.